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Reference System K

Fractal Generation in Ten-Dimensional Space-Time

Reference System K is the reference frame in which determinate patterns of energy creates electrons and quarks. RSK, the program, was developed to express different fractal determinate forms within RSK, RSK is a ten-dimensional space-time reference frame established in accordance with the Theory of the 42s. RSK is comprised of three overlapping three-dimensional reference forms: three 42s (42 1 , 42 2 and 42 3 ). RSK, the program, is a fractal generator that allows the exploration of different fractal forms in multi-dimensional, complex space.


Inspiration is the key to change.

Consider ...


  • Creating determinate structures that evolve in time ( View )
  • Conceiving new ideas of force and form with RSK
  • Visualizing processes of deterministic states and boundaries
  • Visualizing periodic orbits through dimensions.
  • User defined formulas for fractal expression

And, anytime one deals with fractals, beautiful artistic images are created. Therefore, even though the main purpose of RSK is science, there is a definite creative and artistic side of RSK .




Newest Version


RSK v1.16 newest release

May 2012.

  • Work in ten dimensions: nine spatial dimensions plus time
  • Full-featured
  • After-purchase support available

RSK is amazingly easy-to-Use software that empowers you to quickly and simply...

  • Create .AVI files showing fractals in motion ( View )
  • Create innovative science
  • Learn processes easily
  • Visualize the beauty of an unseen realm.
  • Create beautiful artworks
  • Explore a little.


RIDDLE: What does the “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and the RSK fractal generating program have in common?


ANSWER: The answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything:”42.


Insider joke in remembrance of Douglas Adams.


You can easily become an insider with RSK


RSK is a way to see things just a little differently and when you see things differently, a little light comes on.


Be more creative, be more imaginative, be more open -- be an insider, with RSK.


Science Fiction vs. Science Fact


Science fiction is when you don’t understand how things happen.


Science fact is when you do understand what is going on.



RSK is part of a new theory of space and time called the Theory of the 42s as explained in the upcoming book, Space, Time and Elementary Particles - The Where, When and Why We Exist by Walter Jon Bishop.


RSK - the Only Fractal Generating Software Program that Shows Fractals in 10-Dimensional Space-Time


The Structure of Matter is How We Exist.


Walter Bishop, the founder of The RSK Project, derived the Theory of the 42s (explained in his soon-to-be-released book, Space, Time and Elementary Particles) incorporating Fractal Theory and Chaos Theory in ten dimensional space-time.


Now you too can experiment with fractal structures when you purchase RSKRSK is the only fractal generating software program that can create deterministic states in ten-dimensional space-time.


Take a quick peek in 10-dimensional space-time (View).


Based on Chaos Theory and Fractal Theory

Chaos Theory has its roots in the work of Henri Poincaré and Edward Lorenz. In the 1980’s, Chaos Theory became Complexity Theory.  Complexity Theory then evolved into the science of Nonlinear Dynamics.


Fractal Theory was conceived of and developed by Benoit B. Mandelbrot and since the early 1980’s became a truly multi-discipline science.


Non-linier science and fractal theory are not traditionally combined with Quantum Mechanics as they are rather recent theories, but they add an important viewpoint for an understanding of nature.


Chaos Theory, Fractal Theory and the Theory of the 42s

The Theory of the 42s is based on energy that takes on the form of matter through determinate patterns with an overlapping, ten-dimensional space-time structure.


In the Theory of the 42s, as conceived by Walter Bishop and demonstrated in the fractal-generating program RSK, all ten dimensions are real and none of the dimensions needs to be “rolled up.”


The nine spatial dimensions are sub-divided into three separate, three-dimensional orientations. Each three-dimensional construct is called a 42: 421, 422 and 423 (forty-two one, forty-two two and forty-two three).


With the addition of a time dimension to the three combined 42s, a ten dimensional space-time structure is described. Learn more about the Theory of the 42s.


View in the 10th dimension, as illustrated by the RSK fractal generating software program.


As stated by Walter Jon Bishop so eloquently:

“From the chaos of all possibilities comes the patterns of probability and determinate structures built on the altar of random chance. Natural patterns derived from the iterations of simple equations form structure, they form our world.”

View Fractal Science Gallery



This is Your Chance to Be Different


This software is perfect for graphic designers, artists, Web designers or anyone who wants to be different from the pack.


  • Purchase the RSK program today
  • Generate fractal art tonight
  • Create images with a look that is uniquely your own

Instead of purchasing someone else’s art for hundreds of dollars, generate your own infinite number of images for a one-time fee of only $30. 


For less than the cost to fill up your gas tank one time, you can be having fun with fractals!


Theory of the 42's

Morph in 10-d Space-Time

Features of RSK

Fractal Science Gallery

Fractal Art Gallery



z = z + .1*c: z = c*z^2 + 1, |z|<4 ; User-defined formulas


Perspective: Positive axes extend 35°above the plane of the page.  Same place, different dimensions.


Determinate patterns of superimposed periodic orbits.


Superimposed periodic orbits have their own fractal pattern.


Structure within structure.


Multi-dimensions influence fractal expression.